15th Annual Mexican Revolution Day and Tribute to Jesus 'Chuy' Negrete at Morton College

Posted 11/19/21

Cook County Commissioner Frank J. Aguilar Celebrates the 15th Annual Mexican Revolution Day and Tribute to Jesus “Chuy” Negrete at Morton College

Commissioner Aguilar was joined by The Cicero Mexican Cultural Committee, Morton College officials and the family of the late Chicago Folk Singer Jesus “Chuy” Negrete in a night filled with music and celebration

Cicero, Illinois  - Bringing family and friends together, Cook County Commissioner Frank J. Aguilar attended the 15th Annual Mexican Revolution Day, celebrating Mexican heritage and honoring the late Chicago folksinger and activist Jesus “Chuy” Negrete.  This event was the fruits of the combined efforts of Commissioner Aguilar, Morton College officials, the Cicero Mexican Cultural Committee, the Mexican General Consul, and the family of Jesus “Chuy” Negrete.  

“For 15 years I have been proud to be involved with this wonderful celebration,” said Commissioner Aguilar.  “It is a celebration of Mexican-American history and the struggle of our ancestors, where we still are fighting for many of the same goals: equity, equality and making sure our world works for everyone.  I am proud to honor Chuy Negrete, singer, historian and activist for this entire community.”

Mexican Revolution Day has been a Cicero tradition since 2006.  It is a celebration of Mexican and Mexican-American history, and the impact the Mexican revolution had on Chicano culture in the United States.  Its purpose ties to our present day, serving as a night to promote equity and a fair chance at life for everyone.  

“We are so grateful to Commissioner Aguilar and the staff of Morton College for inviting the Negrete family to help recognize Chuy as a founder of the college’s annual Mexican Revolution Day celebration. Chuy’s multimedia concert show on Chicano history presented the Revolution as the pivotal event in forging both modern Mexican and Mexican-American identity. So linking his memory to Revolution Day, in a college with an overwhelmingly Mexican-origin student body, was absolutely perfect,” said Rita Rousseau, wife of Mr. Negrete.

“The Mexican Revolution is a historical event of great significance for Mexicans; as promoters of Mexican culture, it is our duty to show that part of history to new generations,” said President of the Cicero Mexican Cultural Committee Maru Ayala.  “Jesus ‘Chuy’ Negrete was a key person in the promotion of this historical event, and on this occasion we celebrate his life, his achievements and teachings, paying tribute to him within the framework of this event of great significance in the Mexican people, a community that he loved and always fought for.”


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